About Us

The NWT WTF Taekwondo Association is an NWT-registered not-for-profit society. Out goal is to promote taekwondo throughout the Northwest Territories. We are a member of Sport North Federation.

Some of the activities the association is responsible for include:

  • Setting goals and standards for coaches and officials within the NWT
  • Selecting coaches and teams for national tournaments
  • Providing limited funding for tournament participation, including the NWT Junior Tournament, Junior/Senior Nationals and the North American Indigenous Games.

Sport North provides much of our funding through grants. These grants are based on the business plans and actions of the association from year to year.

As a taekwondo practitioner in the NWT, a portion of your membership fee goes to the NWT WTF Taekwondo Association so your club can continue to be a member of the association. In return, the association provides funding to your club so students and coaches can attend tournaments such as the NWT Junior Tournament.